Thank you for your interest in the GajarX Exchange, please fill out the application form with valid information, we will review your project based on the information you provided, if anything is found to be invalid or false, your project will not be considered for listing on GajarX.

Please submit the application ( and your project will be sent for review by the Research Department. After you pass the initial review, we will share with you the listing workflow and tips, additionally an account manager will be assigned to you, to walk you through the listing process.

We will need the following information:

  • Verified GajarX Account of token representative and list of all token team personal and corporate accounts
  • Token Name and Proposed Ticker Letters
  • Description of Token
  • Current use case of token on mainnet
  • Mainnet and Platform Launch Dates
  • Blockchain information
  • Github Link (We only accept source code, not a binary executable)
  • Official blockchain explorer
  • Official website
  • Link to the whitepaper
  • Social media information, including telegram channel, twitter account, facebook page, wechat, kakao talk, etc.
  • Amount of money or digital currency raised, if applicable
  • Existence of a premine supply
  • Maximum supply of your token
  • What is your TxFee for a transaction?
  • List of trading platforms offering the token
  • If you are an ETH token or support smart contracts:
    • Date and documentation of the most recent code review performed of your smart contract
    • Smart contract address