If you have previously filled out the application form for your project, please refrain from applying again unless there are significant updates or improvements that you would like to bring to our attention, which may be detailed in the “Project description” section below. Any submissions with substantially duplicative information will be DENIED.

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If you do not have a corporate account, please apply for one using the Corporate Account Request form and provide the email address you will use here.

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The ticker needs to be 3 letters and cannot contain any symbols or numbers. Please verify that your preferred symbol is not already in use on GajarX or any other exchange. There are a number of services that track coin prices that require the symbols to be unique. Even if the symbol is not on our exchange anymore, we won't reuse it. Consider your symbol carefully because we will not change it once it is set.

Why does it exist and what makes it unique? What new technology or business concept are you bringing to the blockchain? Why should GajarX list it?

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i.e. a CFC/ICO/Private Sale/SAFT

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